The Online Resources contain a variety of full-text magazines, newspapers and journals and reference materials to support the education and research needs of Missouri citizens. This information is from reliable sources that provide accurate information.

  • Find help for a school project
  • Research a new purchase in Consumer Reports in EBSCO
  • Study for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB and many other academic or professional exams in LearningExpressLibrary
  • Find images, multimedia files and primary sources in EBSCO
  • Research your family tree in HeritageQuest

Who can use the Online Resources?

The online resources are available to organizations that are Full or Basic Service MOREnet Members.

What is MOREnet?

The Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) provides Internet connectivity, access to Internet2, technical support, videoconferencing services, cloud services and training to Missouri’s K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, health care, state and local government and other affiliated organizations.

Established in 1991, MOREnet is an independent operating unit within the University of Missouri, and is based in Columbia, Missouri. The MOREnet network is the foundation infrastructure. Members of the education community interact with each other via data and video services; public sector business applications are built and conducted on it; and Missouri citizens interact with their state government through it.

MOREnet serves the public sector and does not provide services to individual consumers or businesses.