Find a Library

Whether you are a student preparing for an exam or an adult seeking to enhance your skills, making you more marketable in the workforce, a public library in your area has free online research resources.

Each of the libraries on this map are part of Remote Electronic Access for Libraries (REAL) Program through the Missouri State Library, and have access to EBSCO and LearningExpress Library, among other searchable databases such as Rosen and HertiageQuest.

EBSCO offers a vast collection of academic journals, magazines, and other reference materials in various fields, making it an excellent resource for researchers and students alike. LearningExpress Library provides you with access to interactive tutorials, practice exams, and eBooks to aid in the preparation for standardized tests, professional licensing exams, and workplace skill development.

These resources are continuously updated, provide reliable and accurate information, and are user-friendly.  Simply click the blue location dot on the map to see the name, address and website of the library in your area.

The REAL Program is funded by an appropriation in HB12. This appropriation is made to the office of the Secretary of State and is administered by the Missouri State Library.  The online research resource databases are managed through a partnership with the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet.)