Gale eBook Subscriptions

eBook Subscriptions from Gale include the following:

  • One-time purchase
    • There is a small annual hosting fee of $50 to maintain the eBook platform.
  • Unlimited/simultaneous access
  • Integrates within Canvas, SSO, and Google Classroom

Professional Learning Collections

Professional Learning Collection helps school leaders and teachers learn to transition, balance, communicate and reflect as they build relationships in professional learning communities. Covers grading, assessment and teacher collaboration.

  • 42 Titles
  • List Price $2,320
  • MOREnet price – $1,643.07

SEL/DEI Collection helps create a sense of unity, even in the most diverse communities, impacts student achievement and inspires positive change. This collection is twofold, with titles specific to social and emotional learning (SEL) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Topics support culturally responsive teaching, trauma-informed and mindful practices, self-management, empathy, differentiation and more.

  • 57 Titles
  • List Price $2,055
  • MOREnet price $1,868.66

Virtual Learning collection provides assistance as personal computers and the Internet have changed the way American society communicates, and that includes the way education is being used for student learning. This collection covers tips and practices for virtual learning environments, hybrid learning and online professional development for educators.

  • 31 Titles
  • List Price $1,151
  • MOREnet price $1,046.75

Student and Classroom Support

Cameron’s Collection: SUPPORT SEL IN SCHOOL AND AT HOME WITH GALE eBOOKS OFFER PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY When students are confronted with mental health issues, they can be afraid to ask for help due to privacy concerns or lack of access at home. Break down these barriers and support students by providing a resource they can use when they need it most—anytime and anywhere they have Internet access. ACCESS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Many titles in the collection have chapters with suggestions regarding professional help. These additional resources give students guidance on where to go and how to seek more help. PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS The titles in Cameron’s Collection span a wide range of topics, including attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcohol, anorexia, anxiety, bulimia, caregiving, cutting, depression, divorce, drugs, eating disorders, homelessness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-injury, stress and suicide, along with wellness topics such as confidence, mindfulness and volunteering. These topics support social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and bring empathy education into the classroom—and beyond.

  • 106 Titles
  • List Price $4331
  • MOREnet price – $3383

Cameron’s Camp For Wellness: SUPPORT KIDS AND PROVIDE SEL WITH GALE eBOOKS RAISE AWARENESS AND PROMOTE MENTAL HEALTH Mental health matters for children, especially as they deal with big changes. The starting point to helping kids cope in a healthy way is making sure they feel secure and confident to speak up about their emotions. Cameron’s Camp for Wellness on Gale eBooks helps promote mental health in elementary schools and gives kids a safe place to explore. INTEGRATE INTO CURRICULUM WITH EASE With the rise of mental health issues and the desire to add more social and emotional learning (SEL) into instruction, teachers are doing the heavy lifting and can feel overburdened. Mental health interventions that are integrated into a regular curriculum are most effective. Fortunately, this digital collection makes that not only possible but seamless. PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS The titles in Cameron’s Camp for Wellness span a wide range of topics, including social skills such as sharing, being honest and teamwork; recognizing emotions; learning how to communicate about sensitive issues; and more. The collection also includes titles about society and civic engagement to encourage kids to make a positive impact in their communities.

  • 95 Titles
  • List Price $2777
  • MOREnet Price – $2289

DEIJ: Diversity Equity Inclusion Justice – Many school communities are examining ways to encourage empathy, foster understanding and create learning environments in which differences are embraced and all ideas are valued. Gale eBooks Diversity and Inclusion collections shine a light on today’s most pressing issues—including racism, poverty, activism, immigration and more—and put trusted, age-appropriate content at users’ fingertips, inside or outside of the classroom.

  • 53 Titles
  • List Price $1863
  • MOREnet Price $1500

Pricing and Ordering Information

Offer expires Oct. 31, 2021.

K-12 schools eligible.

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(303) 378-2637

Beth Chumley (other areas)
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